Monday, February 23, 2009

You gotta listen to the radio...

...because I have not found it to be in the hands of such a lotta fools trying to anesthetize the way that we feel.

Tonight, it was in the hands of Jesse Seay--pictured here amid a forest of mics and headsets--at ...and Jacob Knabb, managing and fiction editor of Another Chicago Magazine. They hosted me, Brandi Homan, and Lina-Ramona Vitkauskas to record us reading our work from the latest issue of ACM, whose theme is American Values. I also did a tiny reading and some Q&A about Live Nude Girl.

As a huge fan of public radio, I found it to be an elementary school field trippy thrill to see where the audio-magic happens: And now I am more of a fan than ever of Vocalo. Be sure to check them and their mission out here. Thanks to Jacob and Jesse for having us, and to Lina and Brandi for being kickass co-readers.

Last but not least, here is the peanut butter sandwich I ate on the flight from BWI to Chicago earlier today... ...constructed with care by one Kyle Minor. He chose, as you can see, to cut it in half. Well played, Kyle; nicely done.


Martin Seay said...

I don't believe I've ever met in person another Seay not related to me . . . and here I am photographed with one. Whoa.

I, Hambone said...

@ Martin: There's a relief pitcher for the Tigers named Bobby Seay. Is he kin? Cuz that'd be cool.

@ Kathleen: Thanks for the blog post! It was an awesome thing all around (my horrible punning excluded). But (with my horrible puns in mind), I want to take this opportunity to say that ACM firmly believes your CNF to be examining the very core of what we believe the true 'American Values' to be built upon: Kazoos & Nudity!

Kathleen Rooney said...

Thanks, Jacob. I wasn't just being polite--your straddling pun cracked me up so much I had to do the opposite of what Jesse said and turn my whole face AWAY from the little "Shure" label on the mic.

Martin Seay said...

Hey, Jacob . . . that WOULD be cool, but no, to my knowledge he's not kin. Evidently there was another Seay roaming around AWP in NYC last year -- or so the helpful person at the check-in desk informed me -- but our paths have not yet crossed.

Keep working the puns!