Saturday, February 21, 2009

Live Nude Girl reviewed by Ron Slate!

Massachusetts-based poet Ron Slate whose website you can visit here ran an insightful review a couple days back, on February 18. "Rooney has written a book largely about forms of intimacy – conventional and disruptive. But Live Nude Girl is also an act of intimacy between Rooney and reader during which she tries to bare and understand her motivation to pose in the nude. his is the beauty of her prose narrative – a telling that seems utterly without pretension, never trying too hard to analyze or provoke, but consistently coming up with apt and wise statements..." he writes. I meant to blog it sooner, but there's never quite enough time (or short-term memory, I'm finding; we are super-underslept) on the road, so I'm doing it now. Thanks, Ron.

Another thing I meant to do on February 18 was say happy birthday to my sister, Beth Rooney, a genius photographer whose work you can check out here. She was born on that day in 1983, the same year, John McPhee explains in a recent issue of the New Yorker, as the Chicken McNugget. What does that coincidence mean? Anything? Probably not? I don't know, but happy belated birthday, Beth!


Ron Slate said...

Kathy -- Thanks for posting the link. I cleaned up the grammatical gremlins in the review -- what I need is a copyeditor ... My wife Nancy got her first art degree at CCAC in '73 (she's a potter & a genetic counselor) & she doesn't recall ever working with a male model there so your point about that is seconded. Anyway, I love your book & am telling everyone to take a look. Ron

Martin Seay said...

Wow, great review -- Mr. Slate clearly gets it.

Happy birthday, Beth!