Friday, February 27, 2009

Hog Heaven

Live Nude Girl turns one month (and one day) old today--happy kind of birthday, book! In a tour stop that feels particularly celebratory, Kyle and I are reading in the book's birthplace--Fayetteville, Arkansas--this evening. First, though, since it was cheaper, we had to fly to Tulsa. Here is the eerie green wing of the plane, seen through my window, all smeared with de-icer:

After driving two hours from Oklahoma to "The Natural State" and then spending 20 minutes or so sort of lost on the University of Arkansas campus, Melissa came out and waved us down and we finally made it to McIlroy house... ...home of University of Arkansas Press which contains this sign, telling you where you are... well as the many smart, nice people who work there. Further smart nice people are to be found at the University of Arkansas Press warehouse, where Kyle is pictured, marveling at the superbly organized and neatly towering boxes of well-made books: Larry Malley took us all over the land of the razorbacks... ...including to the Petra Cafe where we had delicious Middle Eastern food for lunch, maybe the best I've ever had anywhere. Who knew? They thanked us for eating locally... ...and they are very welcome. Tonight, we are reading at Nightbird Books at 7 with Miroslav Penkov. It was hailing a minute ago, but it's stopped now, so there's no reason not to come. See you there!

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jedidiah ayres said...

Petra Cafe - excellent Turkish coffee. Mr. Fahr's place is a must for Fayetteville visits.