Thursday, February 5, 2009

Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair.

Before the reading in San Francisco, we spent time just taking in the atmosphere of the city, which has many great stores with even greater names...
...and many great bookstores as well, though some of them copped some attitude:
We were guided through our adventures by George Awad, pictured here, helping us get to our reading in style:
Then we read at Modern Times with Daniel Handler!!!
Kyle Minor's doppelganger, Kyle Minor, showed up to our reading and for a moment, when they touched, we thought it might be like matter and anti-matter flying together and causing the universe to explode or something. Fortunately, that didn't happen: Thanks to Modern Times for hosting, Navin for taking pictures, George for being the host with the most, and everyone for coming. Next stop: Portland.

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Martin Seay said...

I could TOTALLY see Oprah clicking add-to-cart on Among the Thugs, and Iceberg Slim isn't out of the question. The Little Red Book is probably her bathroom reading: nice to flip around in, but not really engrossing . . . insufficiently narrative . . . except for, y'know, the GRAND narrative. Naked Girls Smoking Weed is probably safe.

Nice work framing The Limits of Power between the heads of the two Kyles Minor . . .