Thursday, February 26, 2009

LNG (rave) reviewed on Huffington Post!

It's no secret: I have much love for the "liberal" media. And, it seems, they have some back for Live Nude Girl.

"LNG is a memoir of Rooney's career as an art model that wrestles with the headier issues of the naked form as inspiration, objectification for the sake of art, and the role of a muse throughout history. Since Rooney has 3 other books (including a cultural study of Oprah's Book Club) to her credit, we felt sure that her latest effort wasn't of the 'I'm hot and wrote about it' efforts we've been seeing too much of lately," says Kevin Smokler in "The Shelf Talker" this week. Be sure to check out the whole column (which talks about a lot of other people, not just me) here.

Thanks to Kevin, and to eagle-eyed lefty Evan Willner for pointing it out.

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