Saturday, February 28, 2009

Regnat Populus... Arkansas' official state motto: "The People Rule." Yeah they do. Especially these people who came to our reading at Nightbird books, which contains actual birds, such as this one, who is closing her eyes, perhaps because it was night:
After the reading, we had a party at the home of University of Arkansas Press Director Larry Malley and his wife Maggie including champagne, delicious Irish whiskey and cake!
Thanks so much to everyone at the press for hosting Kyle and me, and for making Fayetteville such a great tour stop. Kyle and I are in Memphis now, and Memphis is buried beneath a surprisingly significant amount of snow, but we are about to read at Burke's Bookstore tonight at 6, so we hope to see you there.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, you and Kyle rule as well! I knew you'd be great; the visit left no doubt.

I meant to highly recommend that you eat breakfast at Brother Juniper's while in Memphis (it's AWESOME) but they're closed Sundays :( oh well...

Have fun and be safe!

Mike Bieker (your beloved Press bus.mgr)

Martin Seay said...

That is one seriously cute sleepy bird you got there.

Kathleen Rooney said...

Thanks, Mike! Good luck with the baby (who I hope has by now been officially born).

Thanks, Martin. Isn't she?