Friday, February 20, 2009

Later at the Bar

Last night, on our way from dinner and to Freebird Books, Kyle, Rebecca Barry and I stopped and got our picture taken in front of these Valentine's decorations because we heart NY and we heart Rebecca: The audience gathered up in the front of the store and listened to our stories over the howling wind: Peter at Freebird made everybody feel at home with wine and tea and stories about Oprah, and after we wrapped up there, we walked up the block to the B61, a bar named after the buses that go by. One of my old friends, a painter I used to pose for years ago in Boston (and who you can read about in the "Do You Want Me to Seduce You?" chapter of Live Nude Girl), the talented Jeremy Hoffeld came all the way from Washington Heights. Not only did he listen to us read; he also let me try on his very intense and stylish glasses: The bar happened to have a Magic Eight ball that patrons could use to answer their deepest and most existential questions. "Will Kathy's book sell a million copies?" Jeremy asked the Eight Ball. "Yes, definitely," said the Eight Ball. "Will it happen after she's dead?" he asked. "Reply hazy, try again," said the Eight Ball, but we left it there. Thanks Eight Ball, thanks Jeremy, and thanks to everyone for coming to the reading! I'm about to go to yoga with my host-with-the-most, Brendan, because I'm still feeling squished from the Fung Wah, but Kyle and I are going to read tonight at Rose Live Music in Brooklyn at 8 in the pm along with three other readers. A $5 cover gets you in and gets you a drink--that's value.

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