Saturday, February 14, 2009

AWP we <3 U

Are the best things in life really free, and is the AWP Bookfair one of the best things in life? Such were the heavy questions we pondered today, the day the bookfair was open to the public at no charge to them. Part of that public included the winner of the second annual Rose Metal Press Short Short Chapbook contest, Geoffrey Forsyth, who showed up to sign books...
...and to give Abby and me some adorable disassemble-able erasers all the way from Japan by way of the kids' clothing and toy store he manages when he's not writing incredible flash fiction... Other standout moments included a visit to our table by Sean Lovelace, who is the winner of our third annual chapbook contest and who knows how some people like their eggs... well as an appearance by indie publishing genius Dan Wickett:

Tomorrow, Kyle and I have a day off before we continue the tour on the East coast on Monday.

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