Monday, March 16, 2009


Everyone's always warning you to beware the ides of March, but this year I have to say my ides went pretty well. In addition to the Woman Made reading yesterday, I got to appear on the local poetry radio show Wordslingers based out of Loyola University and located in this building (which I will admit, at night, looks a little worth bewaring)......and at 88.7 FM, and co-hosted by Michael Watson and Shelley Nation. Also appearing was Joris Soeding, the managing editor of Another Chicago Magazine and the author of two chapbooks: Trees.Otherness.Instance. and Surfaces Diminished. Thanks to Michael and Shelley for having me (and for being totally cool when I almost accidentally swore in a poem on live radio, despite having been told: "Because of the FCC, no profanity or overtly pornographic or graphic descriptions of sexual interaction can be allowed on air") and to Joris for reading the best poem about attending a Barbie convention in Schaumburg that I have ever heard.

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Martin Seay said...

The FCC secretly loves it when you curse on the air, b/c ka-CHING! Let's chip away at that federal deficit!

I don't advocate balancing the budget on the backs of community radio, however, so I'm glad this worked out.