Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Utne Reader...

…reviewed Live Nude Girl for their March-April 2009 issue, and they loved it! It’s a short review (and it doesn't look like it's online), so here is the whole thing, right here:

“Nude, Not Naked” by Kari Volkmann-Carlsen

It’s not about being naked. In fact, Kathleen Rooney feels naked for only the first 30 seconds or so when she’s modeling for artists. Nudity, she says, is wholly different from nakedness, in that it suggests confidence rather than vulnerability. What draws her to posing for artists as a "live nude girl" is deeply rooted in empowerment and sexuality, respect for the many shades of beauty, and the quest for immortality. Brimming with enticing personal stories, Rooney’s memoir also reflects on her predecessors whose images in art have survived lifetimes longer than their bodily forms. A spirited and thought-provoking exploration of the human figure, Live Nude Girl beckons the oft-clothed to share the thrill of taking it all off.

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