Monday, July 20, 2009

I prefer the term "bedfellow."

The lovely latest issue of Provincetown Arts arrived in the mail today, and page 31 contained a nice write-up of Live Nude Girl, as well as a picture of the cover, which you can see here......occupying the third spot from the bottom of the page, just below Lawrence Shainberg's most recent novel Crust, and just above Liz Rozenberg's novel Home Repair.

Since you can't really read it in the above image, here's the write-up:

Kathleen Rooney, a former Fine Arts Work Center writing fellow, visited briefly on a stop on her national tour publicizing Live Nude Girl: My Life as an Object, an account of her career posing in life drawing classes. She modeled for two years in sessions at the Provincetown Art Association and Museum. The allurin cover is a drawing by Jim Peters of a nude, naked but for a scrap of underwear. The woman's face is turned and her arms are raised as she fixes her hair, unaware of the viewer's gaze. If bird-watchers are platonic voyeurs, then Paul Valery was right when he said, "The nude is for the artist what love is for the poet."

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