Sunday, June 14, 2009

78 square miles surrounded by reality

As the nickname above might lead one to believe, Madison, Wisconsin is almost unreal in its physical beauty and wholesome-yet-progressive atmosphere. How do I know? I was just there today to read with Sandi Wisenberg aka Cancer Bitch at A Room of One's Own feminist bookstore: Like Sandi, I read behind a lectern, but since I've posted plenty of podia pics here in the past, I offer you instead this photograph of me posing in the style of the statue "FORWARD" on the grounds of the Wisconsin State Capitol building overlooking State Street. And here is 50% of our beautiful audience, lit from the side:
And here is some of the weird reality that surrounds Madison's 78-square miles, the ad for the Roast Beast sandwich at the Beefaroo restaurant attached to the Road Ranger station where we stopped for gas: Thanks to Sandi for hatching the plan for this reading, to A Room of One's Own for hosting us, and to Beefaroo for offering a sandwich so beefy you have to tie it down. Sandi and I will also be reading at the Th!nkArt Salon on Thursday, June 18 and Friday, June 19. Hope to see you there!

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Martin Seay said...

As Sandi pointed out, any reading in which you've got *The Anxiety & Phobia Workbook* displayed over your head is bound to be a good reading. (I like how *Emotional Bullshit* is also prominent in the bg . . . )

You probably think the "Roast Beast" is a clever name for a roast beef sandwich, but no . . . it really is made from the roasted flesh of some as-yet-unidentified beast. Enjoy it while you can -- for that beast was only one of many, and even now its fellows approach, blackening the western sky with their numbers!