Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Short Review and Bookslut on In the Devil's Territory

There's an extraordinarily generous new review of In the Devil's Territory by British critic Susannah Rickards up at The Short Review. Rickards writes: "Everyone who reads or writes short fiction should take a look at this debut collection. Missing out on it would be like missing out on Greene, Carver, Munro . . ." More here.

And there's a new post about the book and particularly the story "A Day Meant to Do Less" at the Bookslut blog. Nina MacLaughlin writes: "In Kyle Minor’s debut collection In the Devil’s Territory (which came out late last year; which I’ve written about elsewhere; which more than warrants continued discussion), sex weaves in and out of the stories, a powerful, destructive force, a location of massive self-deception and self-denial. The sexual situations Minor sets up are baleful, uncomfortable, sad. He explores the shadowy pockets of our hearts and heads, the places we avoid, because what we find there is weird, off, wrong, and sort of scary." More here.


Anonymous said...

kyle minors book is a piece of shit.depressing as fuck.take your shit somewhere else, kyle minor. nobody wants to read your crap.

Kathleen Rooney said...

Why is anonymous always such a dick?

Anonymous said...

doesnt change what i said.