Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My new filing technique is unstoppable

As you might imagine, a 25 (or so) city book tour requires a lot of planning.

Fortunately, I like to plan.

That is why I have carefully assembled the two red binders pictured to the left. Each one contains maps of and directions to each of the locations that Kyle and I will be visiting as we travel to and fro, from airports to people’s houses, from people’s houses to bookstores, from Megabus bus stops to universities and on and on. We want to know how to get from Clark and Clark’s apartment in LA to Skylight Books? We look in the binders. We want to know how to get from the Tulsa airport to University of Arkansas Press in Fayetteville? We look in the binders. We want to know how to take the subway from Brendan’s in Manhattan to Rose Live Music in Brooklyn? We look in the binders. Beautiful, beautiful binders.


beth rooney said...

They look amazing and I'm sure they will be ridiculously helpful throughout your trip.

jedidiah ayres said...

When in Fayetteville, Arkansas, be sure to visit the Dickson Street Bookstore. It rocks.